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Coloring Geometric Shapes

"Like a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly, children blossom with time, unfolding their wings of potential while painting the world with the colors of their dreams"
- Hungry Caterpillars Family Daycare


In the enchanting world of our Spanish immersion preschool, we joyfully embrace the fusion of all senses—whether intellectual, spiritual, emotional, or physical—as a fundamental part of teaching and learning with fun! Furthermore, nurturing a rich inner life and a clear purpose enhances the magic, making education not only understandable but also enjoyable.


To bring this creative philosophy to life, our educators make it their mission to constantly ponder the following:

  • What approach leads to a playful dance with information?

  • How can we turn information into a magical potion of understanding through sense-making and knowledge formation?

  • Are there secrets to fluidly conjuring up and weaving knowledge into the fabric of our little learners' minds?

  • What's the special recipe for delivering knowledge with a sprinkle of joy and a dash of creativity?

  • Can we guide our tiny scholars to craft their own unique expressions of deep, personal understanding?

  • And, most importantly, how do we ensure that our little explorers connect their newfound knowledge to adventurous quests in the world around them? 


We introduce language gradually, allowing children a transition period where both English and Spanish words and sentences are used. We utilize objects and actions to connect words to develop a more natural means of learning through observation, emulation, and hands-on experiences.


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We encourage a gradual transition for children, allowing them to adapt slowly to their new environment. In the initial week, parents can stay with their child for as long as they feel necessary, with these periods gradually decreasing over the next few days. Recognizing the unique needs of each family, we approach this on a case-by-case basis.

To minimize disruptions to a child's routine, we coordinate parent visits at appropriate times, such as during snack rather than nap time. Visits are recommended at the end of the day to avoid the child wanting to go home immediately upon seeing a parent, providing an opportunity to engage in an activity before heading home.

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